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About PR


The Story


Good public relations is about telling a story and telling it in a way that connects to people. There are many ways to tell it - print, images, sounds, video. Stories stimulate feelings, ideas and attitudes. They inspire us to reach out to help others, or fight injustice. Well-told stories also motivate us to buy a product or a service. A newsworthy story could pique a reporter’s interest. 

The Storyteller


My professional career began as a TV reporter in South Texas, mining for stories, and telling them to TV audiences. The big city called and I moved to Houston, where I was a reporter and assignment editor. While covering a local dive show, I discovered scuba diving and got hooked on the sport – the underwater world, the exotic destinations. After years in the news business, it was time for a lifestyle change so I accepted a PR job in the Cayman Islands. In this Caribbean hotspot I began an exciting career in tourism marketing. After 12 years, we moved back to the US and chose Sarasota, FL as our new home. 

What's Your Story?


What’s your story?

It takes experience to find your story - progress, accomplishment, change, happenings, newsmakers. It takes skill to tell it quickly and efficiently. Will it connect with your ​customers or fans? Will it attract new customers? Pitching a story to reporters and editors calls for the right perspective -
​is it newsworthy? Thanks for checking out my website. How I can help you?